An online exhibition created by the Year One students of iArts

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Lilo Molin

A delicate flower is used as a word to describe sweetness and innocence. But this flower is not that, it isn't innocent, and it's made for a cruel purpose.
The ashtray shaped like a vulva resembles a blooming rose just opening up. You can print your digital version anywhere you are in the world.

Joey-Jazz Bakermans

This series of drawings, inspired by lyrics from the album Charlie they were designed for, tells a story. This allows the viewer to be immersed in the world of Charlie. Take a look at the images, listen to the songs on the artist’s website and dive into a different world.

Sam Coenen

"Cloud Clusters over the Horizon" is an abstract mixed-media art, combined with poems about various topics that could be considered “Taboo”. Let your imagination be led, by the colors and words. What does it mean to you?

SARah picavet

I am showing the progress on an animatic I'm making to the song Farewell Kabarista by Vagabond Opera. The animatic will tell the story of a young gay couple who meet each other in the thriving queer scene in 1920s Berlin. However, as Germany gets increasingly hostile towards nonconforming behaviour when Hitler gains power, they become more unsafe in their own country. After the book burnings at the Institute for Sexual Science in 1933, they find themselves forced to flee their homeland...

Issa uteraite

"Challenging fashion norms"

To see more of this exhibit you can look at our iArts Year One Instagram. It is also a physical exhibit, located in the iArts studio (room 0.28), at the Fine Arts Academy in Maastricht. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the studio is not accessible to people outside of the Fine Arts Academy.

Cato draaisma

Silence is a project focusing on silence in film. The diversity of what silence can be is shown in twelve different videos. These videos range from visualizing silence in an abstract way to a social experiment to played-out scenes.

milena dahl

"In Between Realities"

Do you know reality?

I want to question the authenticity and singularity of what we call reality;
exploring the idea that the senses do not provide us with direct awareness of objects as they really are.

This glass installation is a visualization of my experience being in between realities. The different glass panels resemble varying perceptions. Some may overlap, and the light they project, the influences derived from them, project onto another. Go ahead, look through a different glass!